I created Doval Studio as a playground for using color, shape and texture in experimental ways; a place of infinite freedom for the exploration of my creative wanderings, tangents and fantasies. In short a place where I can push the limits of both artistic grandeur and utter simplicity.

The desire for fresh inspiration, new exploration, and the pushing of one’s previous boundaries is what fuels the creative fires. What you will see in all of my art is the outward manifestation of my journey, my life and my way of being.

Doval Studio stems from a desire to distill my creative expression to its essence. It is a stage in my lifelong journey that I hope you will join me on, where I explore what is left when art is reduced to its primary elements.

Art is embedded in human evolution, and what is good for the artistic process is good for the sensibility of humankind. I use art as the vehicle for my personal evolution. It is the ladder with which I climb towards a higher level of consciousness and greater fulfilment in everything I do.

Valero Doval, 2020